Welcome to the WEB site for viewing and plotting the geographic records of underground and overhead plant owned by Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks.
These pages enable you to view and print out geographic network plans, and provide important safety advice for you, your staff and your contractors.
How Do I Use This?
  1. You can search using the Gazetteer by Grid Reference, Street Name or Post Code.
  2. Navigation and zoom functions are provided.
  3. If you wish, you can add 2 lines of text to personalise your plans.
  4.  Help notes are available on screen, by pressing '?' at any time.
What Will Plot?
  1.  Plots will only be delivered at standard scales of 1/500 or 1/1250, centred on the screen view.
  2.  For the Scotland enquiries, the system will produce:
  • One plan showing all the electricity equipment.
  •   3.  For the South of England enquiries, the system will produce:
  • One plan showing the 'low voltage' electricity equipment, and
  • A second plan showing the 'higher voltage' electricity equipment.
  •   4.  Additionally, in those areas where we have gas pipelines, a copy of that plan will also be printed.
    Route Alterations
      1.  If you believe our equipment may need to be moved, please contact us on the telephone number given on the attached plans.
    New Supplies
      1.  If you require a quotation for a supply, please contact our New Connections Bureau on 08457 444555
      1.  Before proceeding you must login with your supplied username and password.
      Note: To get a username and password, register with SSE's Asset Data Team - Technical Support (Contact details are listed below).
    Technical Support
      1.  If the application does not start or you have any technical problems with the system, please contact:
      Asset Data Team - Technical Support (Available 08.00 - 16.30)
    Tel: 01256 337290 or Email: Asset.Data@sse.com